The Ocean Decade Vision 2030 Challenge 8 White Paper has been officially published!

The Decade Coordination Office for Ocean Data Sharing is proud to have supported the Challenge 8 Expert Working Group, led by co-chairs, Jan-Bart Calewaert and Paula Sierra, to deliver the White Paper for Ocean Decade Challenge 8 “Create a Digital Representation of the Ocean”. In delivering the Strategic Ambition, the Working group identifies five key tools and services to be developed and in place by 2030:

  1. A federated global Ocean Data Discovery and Access Service (DDAS) with a map viewer providing access to multidisciplinary data, data products and information on the past and current state and use of the ocean, accompanied by an Ocean Data Help Desk and distributed Data Ingestion service.

  2. A global Technical and Organisational Structure for Ocean Forecasting promoting harmonized methods, data standards, shared architectures, and tools to foster ocean prediction worldwide, leveraging innovations derived from Digital Twins of the Ocean.

  3. A reference implementation for a global Digital Atlas of the Ocean providing access to a minimum of 10 global base layers and 10 local applications demonstrating its utility.

  4. A Marine Knowledge Exchange Mechanism to store, share and exchange ocean information and knowledge beyond data and data-products.

  5. Enhanced capacity development, training resources and facilities tailored to user-needs, to radically improve digital literacy across and beyond the Decade Actions.

The results of the Vision 2030 process will contribute to the scoping of future Decade Actions, identification of resource mobilisation priorities, and ensuring the ongoing relevance of the Challenge over time.


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