Data Sharing Toolkit

The Data Resources Toolkit is developed to assist Decade Actions with their data (management) needs and challenges.
Are you in need of support with data-sharing, finding data, or data management? Explore the Toolkit to check if any listed resources may be helpful!

Can’t find a solution to your question? Go to our data helpdesk to ask our data experts.


This draft Decade Data Resources Toolkit is by no means exhaustive and provide a first set of guidance and reference to more information which may help Decade Actions to include a sound data management approach to their activity. This will be a living toolkit which will be regularly updated, improved, refined and complemented as resources become available to meet the needs of the Decade Actions.

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Any suggestions, ideas, comments and/or questions can be provided to the Decade Coordination Office for Ocean Data Sharing (DCO-ODS) using –

In the future we might consider adding a separate section with guidance for

  • Data sharing by the private sector
  • Data sharing by citizen science initiatives

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