The self-paced course on Ocean Data and Information System (ODIS) is reopened!

Developed by the International Oceanographic Data Exchange (IODE) of IOC-UNESCO together with regional partners worldwide, ODIS allows digital stakeholders to reliably share and discover key ocean data.

In this course, participants will gain conceptual understanding of what ODIS is, why it has been created, and how it works. Moreover, they will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge on the technical components of ODIS, including its use of patterns and web-based publishing and harvesting. It provides participants with the tools they need to describe their (meta)data and publish it.

This course is available in 4 languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. The estimated duration/workload is 5 hours.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become an integral part of the ocean’s digital ecosystem. Enroll now and unlock the potential of your data in contributing to ocean research and conservation efforts!

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