Co-organised by EUMETSAT, the Copernicus Marine Service, European Marine Observation and Data Network  (EMODnet), the ECOP Programme, and in collabotatoin with the Decade Coordination Office for Ocean Data Sharing (DCO-ODS), the first webinar of the Earth Observation Ocean Data Webinar Series, titled ‘Data for the UN Ocean Decade – A European focus‘, will be held on 19 June at 14:30 CET!

Jan-Bart Calewaert, Lead Manager of the DCO-ODS, will illuminate the stage by giving a brief introduction on the Ocean Decade, shedding light on why data holds the key to addressing the pressing challenges it has identified.

The EO Ocean Data webinar series will focus on how European initiatives and data contribute to the Ocean Decade’s goals of sustainable use and protection of the ocean. In the webinars, users will explore a wide range of marine data sourced from Earth observation, in situ measurements and models, provided by European entities like the Copernicus Marine Service, EUMETSAT, Mercator Ocean International, and EMODnet. These insights will enhance our ability to monitor ocean health and promote sustainable marine resource management.

During the first webinar, participants will not only discover the breadth of available data and their applications, but also have the opportunity to share the challenges they face when obtaining or using EO marine data and suggest topics for upcoming sessions.

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